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Enabling more choice
& more flexibility

Slender profile, reduced cube and light weight mean that docking for storage and power in any vehicle – including bikes and RRVs – are all choices you now have.

Optional shoulder straps, quick-release air and vehicle mounts, saddle bags and grab bag integration kits mean that you can choose how to power, how to mount and how to carry to scene.

These choices enable you to provide the same standard of care from any vehicle type and even free up space for other important equipment.

Reduced risk of personal injury

At 2kg, the fully ERC-compliant defibrillator is smaller and lighter than most AEDs and is small enough to fit in a fully-equipped grab bag.

This, with military-grade robustness, enables smart weight distribution. The 3kg advanced monitor can be carried on your shoulder without hindering movement or access, even in confined spaces.

The small size and weight removes all the personnel handling risks associated with bulky defibrillator monitors.

Smart patient care reporting

Tempus ALS allows you to capture an unprecedented level of data – as much or as little as you need.

The on-screen patient care record can be easily augmented via the touch screen. The easy-to-navigate content allows you to choose how much data to collect and exactly what, when, where and how to share it.

In addition, Tempus technology allows you to easily and fully integrate all data into your ePCR of choice.

Flexibility for the way you work

Manual and automatic defibrillation, pacing, cardioversion and CPR monitoring with advanced vital signs monitoring always at scene gives you the flexibility to act quickly to your patient’s needs.

You can take advantage of having two large colour screens – each with along battery life – to monitor and treat more than one patient at the same time, when required.

The flexibility Tempus ALS™ delivers means you no longer have to choose or compromise on what equipment you carry to scene.

Power in your hands

The fully-ERC capable defibrillator uses the same trusted 200J Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) waveform already used in more than 1 million Philips HeartStart® devices worldwide.

The defibrillator is small and light enough to always be with you.  A small battery capable of delivering 300 shocks means you can finally stop worrying about battery life.

Tempus ALS simply allows you to carry less, but do more.