EPicardio for e-learning


EPicardio is a London-based cardiology training and diagnosis system that has been in development since 2011.

After years of refinement, in 2016 the EPicardio’s Proof of Concept was backed by the Innovate UK SMART Grant for a patient-specific simulation of the heart organ for diagnosis.

The key objective of EPicardio, according to their website, is to: “develop a patient-specific simulation of the human heart, suitable for diagnosis of cardiac pathologies. To model accurate cardiac electrophysiological simulation matched to the patient’s specific anatomy and pathology. Aiming towards diagnosis and therapy decision support and inform pre-intervention planning.”

In most recent times, the product has undertaken further development to enable it to integrate with third party ECG recording devices to support the accuracy of ECG diagnosis.

Meditrend Australia are excited to be teaming up with EPicardio to help provide the best possible education to training medical practitioners across the country, as well as an increased ability to treat cardiac conditions in the field.

The fully interactive program provides a unique, live, 3D view of the human heart, as well as tutorials, which allows for ‘learning-by-doing’ on any web browser.

The result will mean that practitioners graduate from their training with a far more in-depth understanding of the functioning of the human heart and with the hands-on ability to help save lives when it comes to cardiac illnesses.